Venturing into the Ketubah World

Last November, my daughter got married and I can honestly say the day was one of the highlights of my life! First of all, we absolutely adore and love her new husband - which of course made it a lot easier to have great joy on this special day - as we were quite convinced that our daughter made an excellent decision, and we are so grateful that they both found each other! May they have a lifetime of happiness, health, joy, blessings, and nachas! 

In the midst of all the planning and excitement, my daughter and her fiancé asked me if I would make their Ketubah (a traditional wedding contract). These days, many Jewish brides and grooms have elaborate Ketubahs that become focal points in their new homes. I was originally very reluctant to do it - I had, after all, never made a Ketubah before. But eventually they convinced me. 

The Ketubah that I made for them has special items "hidden" in the design (kind of like a "Where's Waldo?" game - how many interesting things can you find, especially when you don't know what they are and how many are hidden? - Tell me what you see in the comments!) They both loved what I created, which melds my abstract artwork with abstract design elements, and now I have just recently shipped off my second custom-Ketubah to New York and am finalizing a third custom Ketubah. I am so excited to have been the one to create my daughter and son-in-law's Ketubah. That it has sparked a new beginning for me in what I can provide as an artist is an added joy!

Find the hidden items in their Ketubah and let me know what you see in the comments!!